To assist students & jobseekers to choose career suits to their true being.put in continual efforts to identify and enhance performance of human potential.empower students & job seekers to actively achieve long-term economic self-sufficiency.


We are your trusted partner and leading national provider of high-quality, innovative, success oriented learning and performance support resources. Enabling Individual & organizations to achieve competitive advantages through superior enterprise-wide knowledge and skills.


The Vision is to excel as the primary resource in every state of India for Customised Training,Coaching,Career & Couselling. Working in partnership with business and industry, school and college systems, government agencies and individuals, the Smart Disha provides quality human resource development activities.

About Smart DISHA

Smart Disha Academy is the education & research arm of Smart Workforce Pvt.Ltd. Since its establishment in 2014, Smart Disha has been providing quality training and education pathways for a diverse group of audience. Smart Disha is expert in 4C i.e.Customised Training, Coaching, Career & Counselling.

Performance enhancement and management is the key to success in the future, and only people with proper vision and goals will emerge as winners in this game of survival for the fittest.

To help in this process, Smart Workforce Pvt.Ltd.is in a continuous process to set up a chain of Smart Disha Academy across India with Customized training programs helping and serving people from all strata of life.

Smart Disha Academy is your 24x7 gateway to learning resources for skills improvement, professional development, employment support to ensure people, productivity and profit skills enhancement through quality training in pace with rapidly changing business environment and to build competence, confidence & creativity amongst all.



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