Educamp- For Students in Vacation

Educamp- For Students in Vacation

Educamp- For Students in Vacation


Admission: OPEN

1. Complete personality analysis by various psychological tools.
2. Career counselling basing on personality profile
3. Gromming as per the need of the candidate.
4. Communication Skills trainingh
5. Goal setting for desired carrer 
6. Complete personality reconstruction under module "PRAVA"- Personlaity Reconstruction and Awareness for Victorious Achievements

In today’s competitive business environment, possessing excellent communication skills in English is must. These skills include ability to speak in English, powerful communication skills, comprehension, report writing, preparing presentations, business letter writing skills, and public speaking skills etc. generally a professional; whether experienced or fresh, believes that just good qualifications & experience can get him/her a good job. The actual situation is different. The employers also look for many other skills & qualities. Some of these additional skills & qualities are:

1.         Communication skills (Most Important, preferably in English)

2.         Positive Attitude,

3.         Presentation skills,

4.         Leader ship skills,

5.         Team Working,

6.         Ability to Adapt,

7.         Past achievements,

8.         Computer skills,

9.         Willingness for re-location,

10.        Willingness to accept additional responsibilities,

11.        Hard working nature,

12.        Honesty Social working/membership of social organization, & many more


 A candidate fresh from college is also judged for:

1.         Extracurricular Activities in school/college,

2.         Training programs attended,

3.         Project work ( for technical position)

4.         Family background,

5.         Hobbies, etc.                                                                                                                           


A healthy mix of above qualities only can get a candidate a good job.


However, most of the candidates, who are otherwise technically qualified, lack vital skill of Powerful Communication. As stated above, they neither can speak nor write correct English. Our schools & colleges do not have proper system of providing training in speaking & writing correct English.

Hence, students & professionals have to develop these skills on their own.


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