Personal Grooming

Transforming Your Complete Personality

Transforming Your Complete Personality


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PREAMBLE: The teaching process in our schools & colleges focuses students scoring high marks. However; high marks do not guarantee greater success. It is because we need many other skills like communication skills, positive attitude, time management & general outlook towards life to achieve real success. However, most of the students on completing studies lack these skills. This program Personal Grooming (Transforming your complete personality) guides highly ambitious young professional about importance of soft skills & how these can be acquired . This is a modular programs. Each module focuses on a particular skill/quality essential to achieve greater success in life. AGENDA (what will you learn?):  How to improve interpersonal skills,  How to improve personality & develop positive attitude,  How to increase personal effectiveness through better communication. CONTENTS: Importance of good personal grooming and impression, Ten Elements of good personality, Four pillars of effective communication, Communication process and barriers, How to develop good interpersonal relationship, Say it right the first time, Importance of good listening skills and how to develop good listening skills, How to improve body language Time Management Techniques, Leadership Techniques, How to establish good rapport with anyone, Business Etiquette, Interview skills, Resume writing. WHO SHOULD ATTEND? All the students of professional degrees, management courses, working professionals and businessmen. Some basic knowledge of English is essential for this program.

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