Public Speaking

Public Speaking (with Presentation Skills)

Public Speaking (with Presentation Skills)


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PREAMBLE: Speaking powerfully in public is an art. Ability to deliver information to achieve maximum impact is a skill that everybody needs. However, studies have found that public speaking is the number one fear among most people. Most people find it difficult to present their ideas in an interesting, concise, enthusiastic and logical way. Ironically, it is also one of the skills that can make or break careers. A good presentation could mean increased business, successful negotiation, personally and professionally rewarding relationships. AGENDA (what will you learn?): How to organize information, deliver it in a clear, concise and convincing manner using powerful presentation techniques can transform the way others perceive us. This program aims to take the participants through a number of practical steps and exercises to make them confident speakers and presenters. Participants will progressively build up their self confidence. They will also learn to plan, structure and deliver their presentation in front of an audience. CONTENTS: Fundamentals of English: Vocabulary development, Sentence construction in English, Tenses, Marks of Punctuation, Active/ Passive Voice, direct/indirect speech etc. Public Speaking with Presentation Skills 1.How good are your presentation skills? – a quiz, 2.How to prepare a speech. 3.How to evaluate your plus and minus points as a speaker. 4.How to achieve confidence as public speaker. 5.Use of body language for high power public speaking. 6.Speeches for special occasions. 7.How to create high impact power point presentations. 8.How to build powerful power point presentations, 9.7 tips to check if you are communicating clearly, 10.Powerful Presentation Skills. Members are required to deliver speech and make presentations on various topics in all sessions.

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