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Spoken English

Spoken English


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In order to excel professionally, ability to speak and write in English correctly and confidently is must these days. Widespread use of internet and other information technology tools have also made knowledge of English compulsory. Conducting business even in own country is not possible without knowledge of English. Knowledge of English is even more important for professionals in service industries like hospitality, tourism, travel and IT. However, sad fact is that majority of professionals and students are unable to write and speak in English correctly and confidently. For working professionals, knowledge of business English and communication skills is also extremely important to make good contribution in meetings and for writing mails and letters.


(what will you learn?): This program aims to train the participants in areas which stop them from using English properly like poor vocabulary development, and functional grammar, lack of self confidence etc. It aims to provide them knowledge and confidence to use English in daily life situations fluently and confidently. It also aims to train the participants in Business English and essential communication skills.


Fundamentals of English: Vocabulary development, Sentence construction in English, Tenses, Marks of Punctuation, Active/ Passive Voice, direct/indirect speech etc.

Spoken English:

Pronunciation and intonation, Speaking in English in daily life situations confidently. Business English and Communication Skills How to create good first impression, Ten steps to be effective in business communication, Effective writing structures, Letter, report and memo writing structures, E-mail writing skills, Four pillars of effective communication, Communication process and barriers, Importance of good listening skills and how to improve listening skills, , Interview skills, Resume writing skills.


All the students of professional degrees, management courses, working professionals and businessmen. Some basic knowledge of English is essential for this program

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