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Step by Step Hand Holding Guide to Parents

Art of Smart Parenting

Art of Smart Parenting

Admission: OPEN
    INR 7,000/-


    3 Months

Admission: OPEN

The quality of fruits from a plant will be completely depending on how we nourish and treat the plant from the early age.
Doesn’t it sound same for parenting?
This 15 days/ Sessions Art of Smart Parenting online program will help you to 
1) Learn to nurture your kids completely self dependent
2) Help the child to be successful in their life.
3) Cultivate healthy habits.
4) Learn most effective methods for teenage behaviour development.
5) Create awareness about sexual identity and physical developments.
6) Build financial and social awareness in kids.
7) Develop the bonding via empathy, Social values, spirituality and humanity.
8) Build them as efficient critical thinkers and problem solvers.
9) Empower their career interest and career orientations.
Are you ready to be that amazing super parent now?
Here is our Course Content
Day 1./Session 1. 
Parenting Myths and Truths
Day 2./Session 2. 
4 Types of Parenting 
Know your parenting style
Day 3./Session 3. 
Building Responsibility
Age based Chores
Day 4
./Session 4. Powerful methods for Handling Complaints and conflicts
Day 5.
/Session 5. The 3 Triggers used by super parents
Build problem solving skills
Day 6./Session 6. 
Safety Awareness 
My body-My Rights
Day 7./Session 7. 
Signs of cautions
Unspoken language patterns of kids
Day 8./Session 8. 
Building Financial awareness
Creating Saving skills 
Day 9./Session 9. 
Puberty awareness.
Be the open Friend
Day 10./Session 10. 
Health and hygiene
Day 11./Session 11. 
Building Empathy, Humanity Values & Spirituality
Day 12./Session 12. 
How to say no
Day 13./Session 13. 
Screen Time rules
How to set assertive Rules 
Day 14
./Session 14. Parenting during Exams
Day 15./Session 15. 
Career guidance & support

Our parenting Workshops are developed based on
1. Psychological Researches
2. NLP
3. Behavioural Science
4. Personality Theories
5. Eriksonian Language patterns
6. Mindfulness methods
Fee :- 500.00 INR for one day seminar  7000.00 INR for Full Course
Date - Saturday- Maninagar
  & Friday at New CG Road
Venue - Maninagar and New CG Road Smart Disha Academy Branch

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  • Timings : 9:30 AM - 6:30 PM MON - SAT

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