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Welcome to the Entrepreneurship Training in Finance & Stock Market, an integral part of the Career-Oriented Long-Term Trading Course (ADFMM). This comprehensive program is designed to ignite your entrepreneurial spirit and equip you with the skills to navigate the dynamic world of trading and investment. Over 8 to 10 months, plus a 2-month internship, you’ll gain a profound understanding of various financial markets and develop practical expertise to thrive in the industry.
Fees Offer valid for next batch only

₹20,000₹ + GST




Detail of what you will learn

Capital Market Mastery

Equity Derivative Expertise

Option Greeks Unveiled

Advanced Option Strategy

Hedging Strategies Creation

Currency and Commodity Markets

Technical and Fundamental Analysis

Investment in Mutual Funds and IPO Analysis


of Advance Modules

Algo Trading and Hybrid Analysis

Securities Operation & Risk Management

Investment Advisor and Research Analyst

Live Trading and Portfolio Management

Personality Development and Entrepreneurship Training

Certification and Job Assistance

Upon successful completion, receive the prestigious Career-Oriented Long-Term Trading Course certification (ADFMM) from NIFM (Autonomous) along with 100% Job Assistance
*for certification you need to clear the exam
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